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A revolutionaryway to pay online

Get access to websites with a single click

Safein allows users to sign up and log in to new websites with one click. Forget tedious registrations and lost passwords. With your approval, we’ll deliver your data to new websites for you.

Control your data

With Safein, you’re always in control of what websites know about you. You can login online anonymously, or only share data the website really needs. A single click will revoke their access permanently. On our web panel and mobile app, you’ll see your entire activity history, including registrations, logins and payments

Pay with fiat or crypto with zero efforts

Once logged in with Safein, you’re also able to make payments without providing any extra information. Store your money in traditional currency or any crypto, and Safein will automatically convert and deliver funds in the merchant’s preferred way. Since every payment processed is within the boundaries of Safein, they’re instantaneous, secure and cheap.

Possible scale

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)Sales in billions U.S. dollars

1 336


1 548


1 859


2 290


2 774


3 305


3 879


4 479







Troubles of online commerce

The Safein solution

  • Separate account for each website

    Single account for any website

  • Repeated account verification

    One-off ID verification to cover all sites

  • High processing fees

    Low cost or free for token holders

  • Fraud and chargeback risk

    Risk-free payments

  • Excessive personal data mining

    Full control of your personal data

Token model

  • Free payment processing for merchants holding SFN

  • Each activity of Safein users rewarded with SFN

  • User base growth incentivized with generous referral rewards in SFN

ICO funds allocation

• Developing cryptocurrency wallet and payments functionality

• Obtaining the Electronic Money Institution licence

• Launching fiat deposits and merchant payments in EUR, GBP, USD

• Acquiring first 500 mid- to large-scale merchants

• Administrative, operational and staffing expenditures for 2 years

Safein token features

• 100% free payments for merchants who possess Safein tokens

• Monthly cashbacks for users paying with Safein tokens

• Login Pool to incentivize Safein use among users and websites

• Registration Pool to reward new users

• Referral Pool to grow user base rapidly


Road map

  • The concept of Safein created

    2017 Q2

  • Launched MVP with basic single-click
    login functionality

    2017 Q4

  • Whitepaper release and ICO preparation

    2018 Q1

  • Introducing fully
    automated ID verification

    2018 Q1

  • Pre-ICO launch

    2018 Q2

  • ICO launch

    2018 Q2

  • User base growth Phase 1:
    Login Pool launch

    2018 Q2

  • Launching cryptocurrency wallet and payments

    2018 Q3

  • User base growth Phase 2:
    Registration Pool and Referral
    program launch

    2018 Q3

  • Obtaining EMI licence

    2019 Q1

  • Launching fiat deposits
    and payments

    2019 Q2

Team and Advisors

  • Vladas Jurkevičius

    Co-Founder, Business

    Vladas Jurkevičius

    Co-Founder, Business

    Vladas has more than 5 years experience in developing fast growing ecommerce companies where he is able to utilize his expertise in online projects by putting together and managing top talent teams and establishing key partnerships. After founding and exiting a few highly successful esports and online games related projects he is now building a unique identity and payments management solution.

  • Audrius Slažinskas

    Co-Founder, Legal

    Audrius Slažinskas

    Co-Founder, Legal

    Audrius is an attorney-at-law specializing in the fields of e-commerce, gaming, corporate, M&A, finance and data protection. Legal experience and industry knowledge allows Audrius to spot market inefficiencies caused by the changing environment and quickly counter them with practical solutions.

  • Lukas Deksnys

    Co-Founder, Operations

    Lukas Deksnys

    Co-Founder, Operations

    Lukas has worked as an actuary for one of the largest UK insurers, Liverpool Victoria, and was a member of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. His areas of expertise include finance, risk management and advanced statistical modelling. Now his interests have shifted to blockchain technologies and startups.

  • Mushegh Tovmasyan


    Mushegh Tovmasyan


    Mushegh Tovmasyan is a FinTech entrepreneur and a veteran of the online trading industry. His senior management experience in FX and CFD space spans regulated companies in USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, San Marino, Cyprus, Armenia, Japan and New Zealand including advisory roles on various successful ICO’s. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Mushegh is a shrewd negotiator and has a good eye spotting individual talent and untapped opportunities in the market. A strong technology background mixed with hands-on management experience across various global jurisdictions has influenced Mushegh to excel in leadership roles pushing all his ventures to the forefront of the modern Fintech era.

  • Joseph Steinberg


    Joseph Steinberg


    Steinberg has led businesses and divisions within the information-security industry for nearly two decades, has been calculated to be one of the top 3 cybersecurity influencers worldwide, and has written the official study guide from which many CISOs study for their certification exams. He is also one of only 28 people worldwide to hold the suite of advanced information security certifications, CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, and CSSLP, indicating that he possesses a rare, robust knowledge of information security that is both broad and deep; his information-security-related inventions are cited in over 100 US patent filings.

  • Mario Ovcharov

    Business Development

    Mario Ovcharov

    Business Development

    Mario is a CEO of a leading iGaming sportsbook services provider – UltraPlay. With more than 5 years of experience in executive positions Mario is highly valued for his in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry as well as his ability to innovate and scale businesses introducing cutting edge solutions to the market.

  • Arthur Zubkoff

    Marketing and growth

    Arthur Zubkoff

    Marketing and growth

    Arthur is a fintech and marketing consultant with a background in technology, design, business, and banking at the Standard Chartered Bank. He holds a Master’s degree in Management from the University of St Andrews and a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science from the Newcastle University. Arthur’s passion and enthusiasm for blockchain and startups has led him to invest in various cryptocurrencies and companies like TenX and BrewDog.

  • Pierre Roberge


    Pierre Roberge


    Pierre is an 11-year veteran of the Communication Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), Pierre led advanced technical teams tasked with protecting Canada’s national interests in cyberspace. While the majority of Pierre’s projects remain classified, Pierre established a strong reputation among ‘5- Eyes’ nations as a leading expert and innovator in cyber intelligence operations. His declassified awards include the CSEC Excellency Award and the Chief of the Defence Staff Commendation. While working alongside British and American counterparts, Pierre lead teams of 100+ members to combat the most advanced cyber threats originating from both state and non-state actors. Pierre is experienced in working within a complex, enterprise-level networking environment using the most advanced technologies. His technical experience ranges from securing low-level infrastructure and endpoint systems to interfacing with dynamic and cross-functional networks.

  • Jonas Tirevičius

    Senior IT Project Manager

    Jonas Tirevičius

    Senior IT Project Manager

    Jonas has more then 10 years’s experience in software development business. He first started as an IT project manager in one of the Swedish capital bank. Later he has been mainly focused on software development business and for the last 8 years has contributed to various large scale projects in transport, retail, ecommerce and sports analysis industries. Also Jonas is a co- owner, board member and advisor in some other businesses.

  • Bogdan Kuštan

    Senior Development Team Lead

    Bogdan Kuštan

    Senior Development Team Lead

    Bogdan has 10 years’ experience of software programming. He has contributed to many different projects of various scope and fields. Currently he is mainly involved in ecommerce and custom software development solutions in transport, retail, sports analysis industries. For the last 3 years he has been working as CTO in a software development companies.

  • Ilya Tereshin

    Senior Ethereum Blockchain developer

    Ilya Tereshin

    Senior Ethereum Blockchain developer

    - 2 years of experience with Smart Contract development technological stack (Solidity, Node.js, Web3, Truffle)
    - Smart Contracts unit-testing
    - Experience with different Ethereum Nodes (Geth, Parity)
    - Golang knowledge
    - Experience with Ethereum libraries (P101, Whisper, Swarm)
    - P2P technological stack (node discovery)
    - More than 20 Smart Contracts with complicated logics for ICO prepared by me (,,, and others)
    - Experience with customising open-source solutions
    - A documentation-oriented person who is very careful with details

  • Prof. Dr. Vilius Benetis


    Prof. Dr. Vilius Benetis


    Dr. Vilius is a digital security professional with focus on securing digital environments. On the side he is an industry professor in Cyber Security at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), as well contributing to many different national and international cybersecurity practices as well as publishing via ISACA, Center for Internet Security, and other establishments.

  • Vilius Semėnas

    Business development

    Vilius Semėnas

    Business development

    Vilius is the Chief Commercial at CoinGate, one of the largest payment processors in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With his focus on business development, sales strategy and customer excellence, Vilius has helped the company grow its merchant base to over 1,000 clients that produce a sales volume of over $30 million per month.

  • Dr. Joseph F. Borg


    Dr. Joseph F. Borg


    Dr. Joseph F. Borg is an advocate, acting currently a Senior Advisor to WH Partners, practicing mainly on Gaming, Blockchain, Esports, Corporate, IT, Telecoms and Intellectual Property Law. He also lectures Gaming Law at the University of Malta. Joe occupied the role of Secretary General of the Malta IT Law Association (MITLA) for over 3 years and is currently the Vice-President and Co-Founder of Bitmalta, which is a non-profit organisation with a mission to promoting and stimulating discussion about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Malta. Before joining WH Partners he occupied the post of Chief Regulatory Officer of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority - Malta.

  • Marius Miškinis


    Marius Miškinis


    Marius spent most of his career in fast-pace environments: in management consulting - delivering complex strategic, operational and change management projects for corporate and startup clients in CEE, EMEA, USA, etc.; in finance - acting as CFO for international group of companies; and in private equity - working on deal sourcing and execution, as well as monitoring portfolio companies. Marius advices SafeIn team on financial planning questions.

  • Justas Brazauskas


    Justas Brazauskas


    Justas is a Web Specialist with more than 5 years of experience in developing and managing of ecommerce projects and data analysis. With rapid growth of the blockchain technology he's interest turned towards it.